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We are building AI and data driven international education platform for the future to help students create a better life abroad.

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Our Mission

To help international students ??‍???‍? 

create a better life abroad ✈️ ? 

Connected & Integrated

Built with seamless integration between all stakeholders facilitates more connected platform and flow of the course information from institution to the students becomes more reliable regardless additional agent layer in between. Data accuracy and transparency becomes possible.

AI Driven Process

Application and enrolment is one of the most crucial but complex process in the international education. However we have found that many of these processes can be actually driven and automated by AI and machine learning. This will not only improve the speed of the application process but also eliminates the human error that can impact student’s life.

Data Security

Security is our first and utmost priority. We use world most secured data centres, the same used by major big corporations and government departments. We have implemented additional layer of security by using SSL certificated to secure the data transfer from the browser to the database and have also secured database access with unique VPN system.

Big Data Analytics

We believe the data input will not make any sense unless it provides a valuable output that can help businesses and individuals to make decision. We have used robust data analytics process that can provide a unique and useful insights to all stakeholders involved.

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Better experience of International Students

Accurate Information & Support

Student will have access to most accurate information on the courses, visas and every other service they need to study abroad.

Seamless application processing

Student will be involved in application process from the beginning and they will have full transparency on the process on their journey.